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  Yangzhou Zhongcheng Water Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd, is a professional water treatment high and new-tech company, which integrates scientific research,design,manufacture,installation, commissing, training and consultation. The company has long devoted to researching and development of water treatment ,putting stress on using of current advanced membrane separation technology and Electro-desalination.
  The company has undertaken several water treatment projects in many fields in China, which has been well claimed widely by users for its approved quality and outstanding after service.
  Zhongcheng Water treatment Technology Co.,Ltd can design reasonable plan for different users in each area ,different raw water ,different water consumption standard ,and different requirement for grade.
  Based on "credit, pragmatism, creativity and evolution" and depending on technical and talent advantage (of previous Baoying Pure Water Equipment Plant and various colleges),this company will strengthen ability for product development continuously and broaden businesses at home and abroad actively to provide water treatment equipment Plant meeting GMP certification. Providing reliable quality, reasonable price ,outstanding after service, the company sincerely expects for wide range of cooperation with pharmaceutical enterprises,food and beverage, winery, power to the company for investigation,selection,and negotiation.

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